Eagle UK Work Experience Programme has arranged work placements for students since 1986.

Your Application

Students who wish to register must complete and return an Application Form together with a CV. 
These are carefully studied by our experienced staff. Your preferences as to the type of company, products or services and the departments in which you would like to work, and any other information such as your preferred dates are then summarised and inserted in our monthly
Bulletin. This publication is updated and distributed to hundreds of companies on our database who have requested details of available students on a regular basis. Additionaly, the Student Bulletin is also displayed on this web site and updated on a daily basis. Companies can then contact us for further information on particular students.

Your details remain in the Bulletin for a minimum of three months, unless a suitable placement has been found. *Any additional insertions would be subject to space.

In addition to placing your details in the Bulletin, we will actively prospect suitable companies on an individual basis.

Any offers of work experience will be immediately conveyed to you for your consideration. This will include information about the company together with details of your proposed training.

You must advise us whether or not you accept it by return.

If you accept, we confirm your acceptance to the company informing them of your arrival dates and delete your entry from future editions of the Bulletin.

If you do not wish to accept the placement, we will continue to prospect companies on your behalf and maintain your entry in the Bulletin until an acceptable placement has hopefully been found or your three month period expires *, whichever is sooner.

Services in Britain
During your training period, we monitor your progress by contact with your host company. Should you require any help, advice or assistance throughout your training period, our offices are at your disposal.



How to Apply
Make your application as early as possible. Complete the Application Form and submit it to us together with your C.V. and registration fee. We will acknowledge receipt of your application by return and then contact you again as soon as we have a proposition for you.

Generally speaking, many companies in the U.K. are reluctant to guarantee a certain level of remuneration to students without having had the opportunity to assess their abilities and levels of competence. In some instances, companies make contribution towards students expenditure during the training period even if no remuneration was originally agreed.
When you complete your application form, please indicate if you require a guaranteed minimum amount each week and if so, how much. Remember that you are effectively competing with many other students for placements, some of whom do not require any remuneration at all. Consider what is the most important aspect of your training period. Is it to earn money or to obtain experience relevant to your studies which will profit you in future years?

Group Bookings
Discounts are available to recognised academic institutions for consolidated bookings of more than 10 students. Please contact us for further information.