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For many students, an overseas work-placement is a compulsory part of their studies. Whilst gaining valuable experience relevant to their studies, they are able to carry out all manner of tasks and make a real contribution to your company’s activities. 
Most students are in their penultimate or final year at University or Business School or are taking second degrees or post graduate studies. The majority have already worked in major companies in their home country and gained experience in the professional world in which they will work. All have been learning English for many years and many can speak a third or fourth language.

Student Bulletin is published and distributed free of charge, to all companies on our mailing list. It contains brief details of all students seeking work experience placements, including their age, nationality, details of their current studies, computer skills, language skills, dates required and amount of remuneration (if any). Companies then contact us for further details of any students in which they are particularly interested whereupon we forward them a copy of their C.V.s together with any other information that we have, for their consideration.
When the company agrees to offer a work placement, they are asked to send us a written proposition, which is forwarded to the student for acceptance. As soon as we receive confirmation from the student, we notify the company and confirm the commencement date.
Our students generally fall in one of two categories.
Those wishing to undertake a relatively short-term placement as part of their course studies, generally receiving a subvention from either European Social Funds or local Council, who do not require any remuneration.
Students wishing to undertake a longer term placement, possibly receiving partial funding, needing to receive, as a minimum, a sufficient amount to cover their accommodation costs. 
The requirements of each individual student is stated on our Bulletin.

We have a network of host families throughout the U.K. and Ireland and are able, if requested, to provide students with reasonably priced accommodation, close to their place of work.

How to Register
Simply complete and return the Company Profile form. Your details will then be added to our mailing list in order for you to receive Bulletin up-dates and further information on individual students.
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