Leslie Urbino

Leslie Urbino"Etudiante en BTS Assistante Secrétaire Trilingue à l'Ecole Nationale de Commerce (ENC) Paris, 17ème, j'ai dû effectuer un stage de 6 semaines à l'étranger. Vu la difficulté de trouver un stage en France comme à l'etranger, j'ai fait appel à Eagle U.K. Ceux-ci m'ont trouvé un stage à Audio Publications Ltd. Cette entreprise m'a proposé 2 projets en relation avec L'Espagne. J'ai donc mis en application mes connaisssances linguistiques en anglais et en espagnol, ainsi que tout ce qui correspondait au secrétariat en anglais (correspondance, téléphone...) Eagle U.K. m'a trouvé un logement chez un couple sympathique qui m'a aidé dans l'aquisition du vocabulaire de la vie courante, différent de l'anglais appris en cours. Un stage à l'étranger est indispensable pour apprendre les réflexes de base d'une langue, et pour l'épanouissement personnel. Je remercie Eagle U.K. pour le sérieux et le suivi dont elle a fait preuve depuis ma demande jusqu'à mon départ d'Angleterre"

Malte Skirl

Matle Skirl"Aufgrund meines Studiengangs am Euro-Business-College benötigte ich ein zweimonatiges Praktikum im Ausland. Zu diesem Zweck wandte ich mich an EAGLE U.K. die dafür sorgten, daß ich nicht nur in der von mir gewünschten Region eine Stelle erhielt, sondern auch in dem Aufgabenbereich tätig war, den ich angegeben hatte. EAGLE U.K. stellte sicher, daß mir Verantwortung sowie selbständig zu erledigende Aufgaben übertragen wurden. Auch während der Praktikumszeit hielt EAGLE U.K. mit mir Kontact und vergewisserte sich, daß die von mir zu erledingen Tätigkeiten anspruchsvoller Natur waren. Dank EAGLE U.K. fühlte ich mich als vollwertiges Mitglied im Team und nichtals ein Praktikant"

Sabine Bersch

Sabine Bersch"EAGLE U.K. hat mir geholfen einen Praktikumsplatz für Monate in England zu finden. Ich war als Übersetzerin in einer Firma für Hard und Software eingesetzt, wo ich völlig eigenständig arbeitete. Diese Erfahrung war für mich in jeder Hinsicht von Vorteil! Besonders dankbar bin ich EAGLE U.K. für die Vermittlung der Unterbringen, wo ich außergewöhnlich freundlich aufgenommen wurde. Alles in allem war es hilfreich, eine Kontaktperson vor Ort zu haben, wenn man sie braucht"

Marina Cardoso Da Costa

Marina Cardoso Da Costa"As a business student I have worked with commercial estate agents specialising in acquiring radio base stations for mobile phone operators. The company was considering how they might extend their operations to Germany so they required a German speaking student to assist with some preliminary work on sizing the potential market and administrative matters. At first I had some routine duties because I did not know a lot about the telcommunication sector, but at last I found my interest in this area and I was sure I would learn something new and interesting, especially taking into account that the telecommunication sector is one of the future markets. All in all, I had a very good time in the U.K. not only concerning the interesting work I had to do but especially concerning the friendly English people in the office and in the street. All the persons I met were really friendly and always had time to talk to me and answer my questions. I would recommend to all students who have the possibility to participate in such work experience to take it, especially those who are keen on learning or knowing more about the culture and mentality of foreign countries while at the same time gaining work experience and improving their English. Thanks to EAGLE who gave me this opportunity and at the same time were responsible for the great experience I have had in the U.K. which I will never forget.

Sophie Patizel

Sophie Patizel"Work experience was a compulsory part of my studies. I needed to find a six-month period in audit and accountancy. I applied to EAGLE U.K. who found me a work placement within a small firm of chartered accountants and auditors. All staff members were nice and very open and taught me about English practice. Also, I had the opportunity to go to clients' premises helping for the audit mission which gave me valuable experience. I made the most of my stay in England, learning so much with auditors and discovered the daily life within a friendly family. Many thanks to EAGLE U.K.".

Sabine Fernandes

Sabine Fernandes"During my studies at an International Business School in Germany, I had to do a 4 month work placement in an English speaking country. With the help of EAGLE U.K. I found a placement within a marketing company. I have to say that I had the chance to work in a nice environment and with a professional team that accepted me right from the beginning as an integrated team member. I gained a lot of experience regarding market researches and the translation of business-to-business letters. Furthermore, before I came to the U.K. my English was satisfactory, but after my stay my English was good. So I really can recommend to everybody to come to the U.K. to learn about it's culture, it's social life and to do a work placement because this may be very helpful in the future regarding the spirit of the European Community. When I returned home, I took with me good memories of my stay in the U.K.".

Udo Fiebiger

Ugo Fiebiger"I would like to thank EAGLE U.K. for organising a placement in a British company that has given me a broad experience and an insight into the British labour world.Particularly, I would like to underline that the company profile and the general duties in which I was involved have completely met my requirements regarding my technical background as an engineer and my wish to apply these skills within a business and marketing environment.I was fully satisfied with my family and enjoyed the stay in England. The placement supported me in a very enjoyable way and I was consequently able to find an appropriate job in Germany, working in a large international company and having the opportunity to use my language skills.Perhaps not each placement will necessarily lead to job straightaway but certainly everyone's chances are essentially improved and I can only strongly recommend a stay abroad. I thank EAGLE U.K. very much indeed for their comprehensive and expert support"

Isabelle Cron

Isabelle Cron"I have followed a course in secretarial studies and in 1995 I had my first experience in administration. At the end of my second year of studies I decided to come back because I had enjoyed it. I applied to a French association which works in collaboration with EAGLE U.K. and this allowed me to be in England within a few days to do a training period. It enabled me to acquire new knowledge and to improve my English to a level whereby I could speak on the telephone. EAGLE U.K. also arranged family accommodation for me and looked after me during my stay. I would recommend a work experience to other students because it is essential and fundamental within the European Union. I thank the French association and EAGLE U.K for their efficiency and their rapidity"

Torsten Giese

Tortsen Giese"EAGLE U.K. arranged a 4 month work placement for me in an environmental consulting firm in Birmingham where I was involved in particular in arranging a visit to Germany in order to:

  • Examine the waste management policy and legislation in Germany

  • To obtain information about the market for contaminated land remediation.

  • To investigate the financing programmes that have been established in the new German states.

  • To promote an offer of the Black Country Development Corporation to German companies in the environmental sector to invest in the Black Country.

The work experience was very interesting and beneficial to me. The people with whom I worked were very kind and helpful. In addition, EAGLE U.K. arranged my accommodation in a very nice guest family who treated me like a member of the family.Both the work experience and the people I met not only helped me to improve my written and spoken English but also gave me the opportunity to get to know another country with it's particular culture, which was the most valuable experience I could have gained"

Blandine Petit

Blandine Petit"After having studied German at a French University, I wanted to get more experience in this field. I applied to EAGLE U.K. who found me a work placement in a big cable television company. I adapted myself quite quickly to the new world of European marketing. Not only have I have improved my English level, developed my own curiosity, learnt to understand my own way of work and obtained more confidence but I have also had the opportunity to be employed by this company on a permanent basis as a marketing assistant for Europe. I didn't expect this proposition at all but, as a person who wanted to get more experience, I have taken this chance. That's why I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to have a training period. Both the job and my family accommodation was perfect"

Valerie Filleteau

"Possédant un diplôme très général, BTS Action Commerciale j'ai décidé d'aller en Grande Bretagne pour parler couramment anglais et en profiter pour avoir une spécialisation dans un domaine. Eagle UK m'a donc donné l'occasion de realiser ce project et d'etre stagiaire dans une entreprise. Pendant 6 mois j'étais a Barnsley dans une entreprise fabriquant des produits liés aux barres code. J'ai donc pu me spécialiser dans l'informatique
en réalisant un catalogue et en créant 2 sites internet. Mon expression 
orale s'est nettement améliorée grâce a ma famille d'accueil très

J'ai vraiment apprécié cette expérience très enrichissante, autant du point de vu personnel que professionnel. Sans l'aide de Eagle UK, je n'aurai sans doute jamais réalisée ce stage qui a été une réelle réussite.

Nicolas Richard-Jiacobetti

Ex-student of BTS "Force de Vente"- Marketing/Business in Saintes, France. A work placement as marketer was a brilliant opportunity to decide my own way in the future, increase my contacts and develop my skills. For all those reasons, I would like to thank "Eagle UK" and all the people who looked after me during that 6 months.

Ancien étudiant de BTS "Force de Vente" business/Marketing à Saintes, France. Un stage comme marketer fut une experience formidable pour faire le point sur mon avenir, developper mes relations et mes competences. Pour toutes ces raisons, je remercie "Eagle UK" et toutes les personnes qui se sont occupées de moi pendant ces 6 mois.

Cynthia Wester

"I am a Chemical Engineering student at a Dutch polytechnic. Eagle U.K. arranged a work placement for me with a laminate manufacturing company involving paint research and development, which was exactly the field I required. I have gained more experience relative to my studies, improved my technical English and learned a lot about English companies. The atmosphere was very good and the people were very helpful. Eagle also arranged family accommodation for me close to my company which was a wonderful way to discover the English day today life. It was also reassuring to know that I could contact Eagle U.K. in the event of any problems. I enjoyed my stay and plan to come back for holidays in the future."

Daria Taglioni

"I am a student at the University of Rome where I am studying Economics and Business Administration. Eagle U.K. arranged a work placement for me within a large publishing group specialising in the production of business to business directories. My work included telephone research, particularly European-based Japanese companies and general clerical duties. I would recommend a training period to other students because it helps to understand the working practices of another country and is always beneficial.

Isabelle Gilles

"Eagle U.K. has been very efficient and quick to find a placement for me following my application. My work involved the promotion of a big international music festival. I had a wonderful and very interesting time in England. I had the opportunity to work with people who were very open and taught me everything about the organisation of such an event. Eagle U.K. found me exactly what I wanted and what I looked for in a work-experience placement. They looked after me during my stay and were always at my disposal for advice or information. I thank them very much".

Karine Petit

"As part of my course studies leading to an MA in International Commercial Negotiation at Le Havre University, I was required to find a project dealing with export marketing analysis and produce a 90 page report. I applied to Eagle U.K. who found me a work placement within EMI which was in direct relation to my studies. I was asked to make a project concentrating on EMI's chain of supply which included recording, design, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. The project enabled me to learn a lot about the worldwide activities of the company and to use a technical vocabulary related to manufacturing, exportation and distribution. I met many other people working for EMI who were very helpful to me, especially with my project. To be accommodated in a family enabled me to use a daily vocabulary and I could practice my English intensively. The two situations were complimentary. The training period was very beneficial and I would recommend it to other students because it is the best way to learn the mentality of a country. With the EEC, it is important to undertake a work experience abroad, especially in Great Britain.